‘A Weldon Kane Report’ Joe Heaney Was A Time Traveller

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‘A Weldon Kane Report’ Joe Heaney Was A Time Traveller



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Sunday April 18th at 5pm

“People of Ireland,
My name is Weldon Kane.
I have been to the dark. I have seen things I wish I had not. And I have much to tell.
What you are about to read has been classified for over fifty years.

In the mid-20th century a secret society of distinguished traditional Irish musicians and singers began experimenting with time travel. Members journeyed through centuries; some, to the past, to study with the great bards of early Gaelic Ireland; others, to the dark expanses of the future, to witness the music of an Ireland not yet known. Soon after, these musicians began bringing their learnings back to the then present, creating, innovating, and changing the face of Irish music forever.

The society was called Cumann Na Fir Bholg.

In the decades that followed, academics would ponder the innovations of these musicians – seeming both ancient and, yet, ahead of their time – citing extraordinary creativity and imagination as reasons for their success. But no one knew the truth.

Until Now.

Soon, the people of Ireland will hear never-before-heard recordings of the 21st century musical explorations of Cumann na Fir Bholg, their flirtations with modern musical technologies, ideologies, and collaborations with composers not of their world.

I write to you now in a position of grave danger. I know not what fate the divulgement of these secrets will bring upon me. But the truth must be revealed.

Be safe, comrades. They are always watching.

– Weldon D. Kane”

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April 18
April 18, 2022
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