Brought to you by Dublin City Council and Aiken Promotions, the programme covers an array of musical styles and genres. Setting out to explore and celebrate the diverse constellation of music cultures that exist in Dublin City, MusicTown aims to unify the city, making its music relatable and accessible, instilling a sense of pride in Dublin’s musical heritage, whilst welcoming newcomers and visiting artists.

Creative Director Amy Nix said “We’re very happy with how MusicTown has evolved into more than just a programme of concerts over the last few years. We’ve been talking about diversity and collaboration for a number of years as the essence of how live performance works and the wonderful pool of organisations we are working with have responded to this direction brilliantly. This programme takes in everything from events with theatre directors choosing inspirational music, one of the most acclaimed podcasters in Europe, Blindboy, getting under the skin of an artist’s mindset, a skateboarding film with a live score, new arrangements and interpretations of two classic Radiohead albums, free opera being brought across Dublin neighbourhoods, the thought process of making music videos, an original piece of vinyl released by our finest new artists, a spoken-word sensation, a tribute to the late great Johann Johannsson, the next generation of RIAM students learning their craft, music made accessible for disability, a music themed art exhibition, a walking tour, and, of course, one of our great singers Damien Dempsey performing his new album he made with a cast of acclaimed artists. And, we are delighted to present our brand new MusicTown Jr strand dedicated to events for children, including the exciting Big Bang Festival in association with the Ark… This is diversity and collaboration, live ideas brought to you from musicians, artists and thinkers from all walks of life.”

There is much more that connects music of all kinds than divides it and MusicTown seeks to showcase the best of Dublin’s music while also encouraging new audiences to try new musical experiences. Handel’s music also has a special place in MusicTown and his work remains a role model for collaboration and innovation.”

MusicTown Executive Director and City Arts Officer, Ray Yeates

Music is one of the most community-oriented activities I can think of. Putting on a concert involves the mental and physical contributions of so many different people. When the whole project comes together it is a rewarding feeling for both the performers and everyone who contributed to the production of the event. It is a very positive process and that extends way beyond the music itself. It teaches us about communication, team-work, co-operation and collaboration. What I love about music is how open a playing-field it is, one where actors, writers, visual artists, literally anyone can get involved. So we thought this year it would be good to meditate on those themes of “community” and “collaboration.”  

Leagues O’Toole, Creative Director


April 12th – 21st


Events will take place at all types of venues throughout the city of Dublin.


Events will take place mostly at night but check the schedule to find the daily schedule and your preferred genre.


Search for an event and simply click on the Buy A Ticket button to purchase your ticket through the venue ticketing partner. Good News – some of the events are free!

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