10th-19th April 2015

A Capital Celebration of a Symphony of Sounds

Dublin’s musical heritage will inspire this April, as the city itself plays host to a brand new music festival, MusicTown 2015. Organised by Dublin City Council, MusicTown will showcase the immense musical talent, heritage and vibrancy of the Capital from April 10th — 19th. It will be a celebration of all types of music, created and enjoyed throughout the city, as its eclectic programme taps into our lyrical, musical and storytelling culture to excite audiences from all ages and interests.

Dublin has long been known for its tradition of musical innovation and MusicTown will continue this tradition, by surprising and inspiring, through an eclectic ten day programme packed with performances from classical to trad, rock to world percussion, and everything in between. Concerts, talks, workshops and walks, will all work together to make the music of Dublin accessible to all and instil a sense of pride in the Capital’s musical heritage and contemporary offering.

A key date within the programme, April 13th, is the anniversary of the very first performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ in The Great Music Hall on Fishamble Street in 1742. MusicTown 2015 will honour the musical maestro by threading his works throughout the festival programme. Whatever their taste, the festival wants to encourage all Dubliners to experience new genres of music or journey deeper into learning about their preferred music of choice. It will break down barriers so that all genres and audiences are equal in this shared experience. It aims to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of Dublin’s ‘music-makers’ — composers to lyricists, to conductors, singers, musicians and producers.

Commenting on the new festival, MusicTown 2015 Director Ray Yeates said:“Music has always been the great unifier; each and all of us have a special connection to music, no matter what our favourite genre is. It’s a fresh approach in recognizing the significant role of music in the city. I’m delighted that Dublin now has a new festival to look forward to, one that showcases the many different strands of music our city produces. MusicTown 2015 will be about discovery, exploration and education, challenging people to experience all types of music. It will unify the city, bringing together different artists in an unexpected but exciting way that will, in turn, sow the seeds for a 2016 festival that nurtures opportunities for collaborations across musical genres and other areas of the arts.”

The city itself will not just be the backdrop to the festival; Dublin will be its muse and be brought to life with performances programmed in unexpected locations and against iconic landmark properties, MusicTown 2015 will pull together the city and its people illustrating just how pervasive and inspiring music is. Highlights include:

Sound of Silents ‘Sound of Silents’ is a programme of silent films from the IFI Irish Film Archive made in Dublin between 1897 and the 1970s accompanied by a series of improvised scores performed by six leading musicians working between the fields of Irish traditional, improvised and electronic music. The event will feature performances by Seán Mac Erlaine (woodwind/electronics), Seán Carpio (percussion/guitar/loops), Jack McMahon (turntables), a fiddle player (to be confirmed) and Shane Latimer (guitar/electronics), in the IFI on Friday 10th April.

Hank ShockleeChoice Cuts presents Hank Shocklee, founding member of Public Enemy and ground-breaking hip hop producer, will feature in a Q&A session and DJ set at The Sugar Club on April 10th.

Handel’s Il Trionfo Del Tempo e del Disinganno Handel’s ‘Il Trionfo Del Tempo e del Disinganno’ will be performed by Opera Theatre Company in the historically significant and beautiful Christchurch Cathedral on April 10th.

Breaking Tunes Music TrailFirst Music Contact presents ‘Breaking Tunes Music Trail’, on April 11th and 18th which will take participants on a walking tour of Dublin discovering a myriad of nooks and crannies where various artists from the breakingtunes.com stable will perform 20 minute, unplugged pop-up gigs.

Barrytown meets MusicTown A Musical and Literary Celebration of Roddy Doyle's "The Barrytown Trilogy" featuring Glen Hansard, Damien Demspey, Angeline Ball, Peter Coonan, Aslan, The Trouble Pilgrims, Cait O'Riordan, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Paul Mercier, Nelli Conroy and more to be announced soon.

Dodeca Cycle ‘Dodeca Cycle’ at City Assembly Hall, South William Street from April 16th — 18th will see music and technology come together in a novel, interactive musical installation, allowing 12 people at a time to create their own musical loops.

A Touch Of Frost ‘A Touch Of Frost’ featuring Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Nielsen’s Clarinet Concerto and Sibeluis’ Symphony No. 1 in E minor will be performed by outstanding young clarinettist Julian Bliss and conducted by leading young conductor David Brophy in the National Concert Hall on Friday 17th April.

The Isle is full of Noises: Shakespeare's Music‘The Isle is full of Noises: Shakespeare's Music’ at St. Werburgh’s Church on Sunday 19th April will see the Gregory Walkers perform a foot-tapping, irreverent journey through a top twenty of Shakespearean songs for all members of the family.

More acts to be announced in March 2015.

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