10th-19th April 2015

A Symphony of Sounds
The Capital's Inaugural MusicTown Festival Arrives

The symphonic sounds of the city will reverberate in a celebration of the Capital’s music and music-makers this April in the inaugural ten day MusicTown festival. Tapping into our lyrical, musical and storytelling culture, this eclectic programme, brought to you by Dublin City Council, will host over 50 musical events for all ages and all tastes in a diverse, entertaining and compelling production inspired by the Capital’s musical heritage and vibrant music scene. Everything from Handel’s Messiah to Public Enemy’s Hank Shocklee and all the genres in between will feature in a packed programme that makes the music of Dublin accessible to all.

The city itself will not just be the backdrop to the festival; Dublin will be its muse, brought to life with performances programmed in unexpected locations and against iconic landmark buildings. MusicTown 2015 will pull together the city and its people illustrating just how pervasive and inspiring music is.

MusicTown recognises the important role of the many different strands of music enjoyed and created in Dublin today. It will unify the city, bringing together different artists in an unexpected but exciting way that will, in turn, sow the seeds for a 2016 festival that nurtures opportunities for collaboration across musical genres and other areas of the arts.

MusicTown celebrates the best, the next and the unexpected.

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